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XPC believes that Flywheel Energy Storage (FES) is an economical, safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable form of energy storage that can capture wasted electricity and reintroduce the wasted electricity back into the electric grid.

We also envision that electrical energy can be marketed as Transactive Energy through blockchain technology resulting in savings to consumers.

FES technology is proven technology and currently used in many applications. XPC plans to scale the FES units to grid utility size for storage of electricity. XPC will develop the next generation of flywheel storage units to store larger quantities of energy (MWhs) which can be stored up to 36 hours and re-introduced into the grid on demand. XPC will work with the various grids in identifying electrical drop points to capture the electricity that would normally be grounded to maintain the integrity of the grid infrastructure. the figure above illustrates a typical electrical drop spot before a substation step down transformer and another storage after a substation step down transformer before primary and secondary customers.