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In January 2012, McKinsey & Company reported: "One of the five technologies to watch is Grid- scale storage. The large-scale storage of electricity within electric power grids allows power generated overnight to meet peak load during the day.  Innovations using flow batteries, liquid-metal batteries, flywheels, and ultracapacitors could reduce costs to $150 to $200 per KWh by 2020 and make it possible to provide grid storage in every major metropolitan market. At these prices, by 2020 the United States alone would want to build more than 100 gigawatts (GW) of storage (the capacity equivalent of the current US nuclear-generation fleet). That much storage capacity would be transformative: currently, our power grid tends to use only 20 to 30 percent of its capacity because we build it to meet very high demand peaks. With storage, we can flatten out those peaks, reducing capital requirements for transmission and distribution and making power much cheaper to deliver. Power companies also could use storage to smooth variability in the supply of weather-dependent renewables, such as solar and wind power, thereby converting them from intermittent power sources into much more reliable ones.

Who are we?

 XUN POWER CORPORATION (“XPC”) is a private corporation based in the United States. 

 " Our business model is: Capture wasted electricity with flywheel energy storage units and reintroduce the captured electricity back into the grid as a power producer.  

Flywheel Energy Storage

XPC plans to scale up flywheel energy storage units to grid size, manufacture, test, construct on site facilities, install, operate the flywheel energy storage units and market the stored energy.

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